Did you know that the average server produces the same emissions as a 15 mpg SUV?

Webhosting companies host millions of websites on shared or dedicated  servers. That means a lot of servers, and a lot of carbon emissions. So we asked ourselves, What can we do to be part of the climate change solution? We took steps to minimize our environmental impact at the office, but still we weren't satisfied. We then switched to 36% more efficient servers, but still we weren't satisfied!

All of our servers are now 130% wind powered!

That's right! We're not just neutralizing our environmental impact, we're reversing it!

Myvhosting.com hosted websites are all hosted at a data center in Texas that has purchased certified Renewable Energy Credits representing 130% of the electricity used to both power and cool every last one of the data center servers!

Just how big a dent in climate change does that make?
It's the equivalent of:

  1. Removing 444 cars from the road for a year, or
  2. Powering 321 homes with clean energy for a year, or
  3. Saving 5,654 barrels of oil, or
  4. Protecting 551 acres of forest for a year

Investing in wind power close to home!

All of our hosting data center wind credits are generated in state of Texas where the data center is located!


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